This week’s activities and vocabulary list (week 8)

This week’s topic is CLASSROOM OBJECTS. K1 and K2 children are learning how to read and write some new words. They are starting to understand how to use phonics (the sound of the letters) to help them read by sounding out the first/beginning letter.

Last week they learnt about DAILY ROUTINES in the MORNING and at NIGHT / BEDTIME.

This week’s vocabulary list:  chair, door, window, bin, whiteboard, computer, book, scissors, pens, pencils, paper, exercise book, bookshelf, paints, paintbrushes, eraser, school bag, glue stick, crayons, coloured pencils, ruler, desk.

Today for Science we did an experiment to see what kind of water an egg would float in. We had plain water, sugar water, baking soda water, and salt water. The kids guessed (made predictions) each time, what they think will happen to the egg? Sink or float? In the end the egg floated in water with lots of salt.




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