Week 3 K1 & K2 activities

We started the 1st week of the semester with the topic “Me and My Family” and for week 2 our topic was “Our home”.

This week (week 3) we are learning all about colors and spelling, reading and writing the color words. Also, we now have SCIENCE 3 times a week, so kindergarten 1 and 2 children are learning a lot more through hands-on experiments and are excited to find out new facts about how things work and why things are a certain way. They’re always asking why? why? why?

Last week in science class they learned about the water cycle (how rain happens), the solar system (planet names) and ocean in a bottle (how oil and water don’t mix).  This week we’ve learned some new facts about spiders:  Why don’t spiders get stuck in their own webs? Because they have tiny little hair on their legs and spiders also have a special oil on their body so they don’t get stuck in their own sticky webs.  We also tried out a volcano eruption experiment today and it was a success! Lot’s of Ooooohs and Aaaaaahs and smiles and giggles!



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