This week’s topic is Pond Life. We are learning about some animals and plants that live in the pond.

The kindergarten class have been learning about life in a pond, some pond animals and insects name and enjoyed making beautiful water lily art with teacher Julia.   We are also learning about the life cycle of a frog. The children are now able to put the 5 stages of a frog’s life in order and say what they are.

Teacher Kevin taught the kids about what ocean / fresh water animals eat. What do whale’s eat? What do frogs eat? How about sharks and alligator? Do they all eat the same thing?

Vocabulary list:   pond,  water lily,  pond weed,  frog,  frogspawn / frog’s egg,  tadpole,  tadpole with legs,  froglet,  toad,  pond snail,  dragonfly,  newt,  leech,  pond skater(it’s a kind of insect that can swim),  whale,  turtle,  fish,  shark,  alligator,  shrimp,  plankton,  flies,  plant,  other fish





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